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Children & Family Dentistry at Harbor Dental

Your child’s dentist plays a very important role in his or her life. Are you looking for a family dentist in the greater Westchester, New York area? At Harbor Dental, we have a lot of experience dealing with children and toddlers. In particular, we specialize in restorative dental care and preventative dental care. Other important services that we also provide are fluoride treatments, protective sealants, and stage 1 orthodontic services. It is important that your child feels comfortable with the dentist early on, so we recommend a visit to the dentist around your child’s first birthday. At Harbor Dental, we educate your child in oral hygiene habits in a way that they can understand. Preventative topics that we commonly discuss with our young patients are how to brush and floss properly and how to avoid tooth decay.

Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay is a common problem that is seen most in children. At Harbor Dental, we will help your child to understand important dental issues from their toddler years through their teenage years. We will work with your child to make proper choices when it comes to their teeth and help them practice proper oral hygiene to maintain dental health throughout their lives.

Fight Tooth Decay!

Fight Tooth Decay!