Restorative Dentistry Sleepy Hollow NY

Restorative Dentistry

Taking care of teeth is very important. Despite practicing proper hygiene, people may need more care at certain times. Some of the most common reasons for restorative dental work include:

  1. Prevent a loose tooth
  2. Relieve dental pain
  3. Enhance a smile
  4. Fill unattractive spaces
  5. Improve improper bite
  6. Repair damaged teeth
  7. Replace old treatments
  8. Replace missing teeth
Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

When is Restorative Dentalwork Needed?

At Harbor Dental, restorative work will be done in the most non-invasive way possible. We will discuss all options before embarking on the procedure of fixing your smile.

Some examples of restorative work that we do are white fillings for decayed or damaged teeth, crowns for protecting teeth from further damage, bridges to fill spaces in between missing teeth, dentures for missing teeth, overdentures for a missing tooth or teeth where bone density is low, implant-supported dentures for missing teeth.

Because there have been so many advances in the dental world, many people are able to restore their teeth to a normal state, improving their lives in various ways. It makes a great difference to be able to smile with confidence.